Historical Background

Historical Background

In 2006, seeing the steady progress being made by Ikale Progressive Association in NY/NJ, Durojaye Odimayo Akindutire, who was then the president of the “Egbe”, was mandated to reach out to other Ikales in North America on the formation of an all-encompassing Ikale Association. The initial breakthrough came when some Ikales were invited to attend the end of the year gathering of the Egbe in New York. Prince Rinde Akinsola and Dr. Salewa Olafioye honored the invitation. These two gentlemen sat through the night with Akindutire. This was how Ikale World Congress (IWC) began.

Dr. Akindutire shared the egbe’s call with them, briefed them on the result of the discussions/consultations he had with other Ikales, and narrated the vision and mission for IWC. These three individuals shared information and projected what should be the way forward for IWC. The Leadership of the Ikale Progressive Association NY/NJ then were-Mr. & Mrs. Ayo Lijirin, Mr. & Mrs. Babatunde Basorun, Dr. & Mrs. Benson Akingbemi, Mr. & Mrs. Adelokiki, Dr & Mrs. Odimayo Akindutire, Chief & Chief (Mrs.) Aiyeku, Dr & Mrs. Olokungbemi, Dr. Babatunde Omolola, Mr. & Mrs. Babatunde Ogunwolere, Chief (Dr.) & Chief Mrs. Aiyeku, Mr & Mrs. Akindutire, Mr & Mrs Bamgboye, and Pastor & Mrs. Omowole.

The trio continued the discussion and regional/state coordinators were incorporated. This led to the first inaugural convention held in Maryland which was fully attended by Ikale indigenes from different states in the US and Canada. At the formation in 2007, there were three affiliations of Ikale World Congress called chapters; they include New York, Texas, and Maryland. Later in 2008, four additional local chapters became members, these includes Dallas, Missouri, Philadelphia and Atlanta.

During the inaugural convention back in 2007, about 1000 indigenes of Ikale land were in attendance with the common goal to bring people in Diaspora together to chart a course of unity, love and progress that is in consonant with the move that was taking place at home in Nigeria where our differences are being minimized as a group and our unity is firmly established for progress and development of our cultural and political rebirth. Dr. Salewa Olafioye was the first appointed Chairman of IWC and during the 2009 Convention in Maryland, the constitution of IWC was adopted. Dr. Durojaye Akindutire was elected as the first elected President of IWC and Dr. Salewa Olafioye was selected by the Board of the elected Directors to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Ikale World Congress Founders


Dr. Durojaiye Odimayo Akindutire

(New York, USA)

Founder/First President Elect of IWC 2009 – 2011

Dr. Salewa

(Michigan, Detroit, USA)

CO-Founder/Chairman IWC  2007 – 2009

Prince Rinde

(California) CO – Founder

Mr. Abiodun Fedrick Adelokiki

(New York, USA) CO – Founder

Founder’s Quote

“Ikale will be what we want it to be if we jettison those divisive amongst us, embrace ourselves as brothers and sisters and above all willingly decide to nourish the new baby with all it takes to make Ikale nation reach its apogee”. 2007

“I am really happy that no matter what, Ikale people are talking to themselves more, doing things together more, and exploring ways to better their lots more, both here and back home” 2011

“Ja ‘pimo wa po, ja ka mu imonsokan, ajo se wa ma ni baje, Ilosiwaju wa dowo ‘ra wa” 2008.

“Unless we work hard to do something beyond what is already established. We will never make a difference in the lives of our people and community. I boldly confess and my mind is receptive to work cooperatively with my brothers and sisters to advance the mission of IWC. Therefore, in whatever way possible, I am fully prepared to give sacrificially and serve selflessly with honesty and integrity to uplift my people and community. So help me God”

“The birth of Ikale World Congress is an important vehicle in transforming Ikale to that enviable position we all dreamed of. It is imperative for all of us to nurture this baby (IWC), we should not let this baby die because of insufficient nourishment” 2007.