Special Projects

The fulcrum of IWC’s activities in Ikale land is anchored on two platforms, these include, Healthcare provision and Education services. The organisation arrived at the two having taken cognizance of the pivotal roles they played in the development and advancement of any society. On healthcare services, IWC seeks to provide much needed health services to the people of Ikale land that will cover but not limited to basic primary medical services to the indigenes and will cover treatment of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, arthritis and any other common medical ailment. As part of the organisation’s commitment to the development of Ikale land, IWC believes that education is the master key to growth and serves as the bedrock of development of the community. Based on this, IWC educational assistance is of two ways, scholarship and grant. The grant is a one-time to an individual who qualifies having met some criteria. On the other hand, the scholarship aspect covers tuition fees for the program period of the beneficiary.

Health Care

Apart from government intervention in providing health care services to the people of Ikale land, IWC also thought of complementing the efforts of the government and other health care providers in a couple of ways.For example, in December 2012, IWC under the leadership of Samuel Ademola (President) organised the first medical mission tagged “Ikale free medical mission”. This was led by medical expert, the person of Dr Salewa Olafioye. Other members of the team include Erelu Mabel Onaneye and the then IWC President, Samuel Ademola. The centres for the medical project were set up in Igbotako, Ilutitun, Okitipupa, Irele, Ajagba and Ode Aye respectively.Over 800 people from the aforementioned communities benefited from the festival of free medical assistance. They were treated of various ailments, had their blood pressure checked and several of them also got myriad medications for further treatment.

Science Lab Project: $400,000 Ikale Legacy School Laboratory Project

IWC is cognizant of the role education has played in the development of individuals and communities across time and clime; as indeed of the entire human progress as we know it. Virtually all of us in the Ikale Diaspora are tied to the founding secondary schools in the Ikale-Ilaje communities of the then Western Nigeria. These Legacy, Heritage, Secondary Schools, are Manuwa Memorial Grammar School, Iju Odo (1954), Methodist High School, Okitipupa (1956), Stella Maris College, Okitipupa (1960) and the United Grammar School, Ode Irele (1965). Together, they constitute the very bedrock and proving grounds for the training and education of the modern populations of Ikale and Ilaje peoples, and those of other Yorubas, as indeed are some of our immediate Midwestern neighbours.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM.

The world over, it is recognized these days, that, innovation, discovery and progress of all sorts, hinge on the advancement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, STEM, education. Committed to placing Ikale people at the forefront of human progress in the twenty-first century and beyond, the Ikale World Congress, USA, has decided to embark on a project to help build state of the art science laboratories in these Legacy Schools, to serve as a veritable platform for nursing the scientists and inventors of tomorrow. Each of the laboratories will be built and equipped for $100,000, for a total project cost of $400,000. Your donations to the project will be directly invested into these labs and nothing less. For more info about the Legacy Schools Science Laboratory Project, please send us your inquiries.

Manuwa Memorial Grammar School, Iju –Odo, Osooro, Ondo State (1954)

Established in 1954 as a result of the unabated demands by the people of the then Okitipupa Division from the Anglican Missionary, the School was named after an indigenous Anglican priest, Rev. Benjamin Ilogho Manuwa, the son of Oba Elero Kueyin, who played a great pioneering role in the consolidation of the Anglican Mission in Ikale – Ilaje area between 1916    and 1931. On February 22, 1954, the School was established with an initial intake of twenty two boys. Rev. Canon P.W. Wilson Harrison, a Sierra-Leonean became its first principal.Current Enrolment: 774 (Male 403, Female 371)Current Principal: AKINNUSI AKINBOBOYE boboye15@yahoo.comSlides of Current Science Labs (Supplied by School Principal, Akinnusi Akinboboye)

Methodist High School, Okitipupa (1956): Under Construction

United Grammar School, Ebute Road, Ode Irele, Ondo State (1965)

Founded on 26th February, 1965, by both Methodist and Anglican Missions as a school initially for girls only, with a pioneering population of 33 girls. It later became a mixed school and the population increased. It is one of the four major secondary schools (IWC’s Legacy Schools) in the Old Okitipupa Division. The pioneer principal was late Chief T.O Oyebade. Twenty principal had served in the school up to date with the incumbent being S.K. Erukubami. Current Enrolment: 1,005 (Male 655, Female 350)Current Principal: S.K. ErukubamiSlides of Current Science Labs (Supplied by School Principal, S.K. Erukubami)

Stella Maris College, Okitipupa (1960): Under Construction